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Do Not Touch AR - Bridge
To further promote Nick's first augmented reality app (Do Not Touch AR), the Nick app acts as a promotional bridge to increase downloads.
Nick's first live-multiplayer gaming experience that allows users to create their username and secret, login password.
A revamp of the gaming section of Nick's app that promotes a new, exciting way of exploring and finding games.
GameTown + Avatars + Proof of Life
Moments of delight for Nick and Nick JR's users as they explore the app.
A new comparison tool that allows users to compare 20 different methods without the use of filter or sort.
Birth Control Method Comparison Tool
Condition Matrix
A revamp of the previous landing page template for conditions and illnesses.
Condition Matrix
A revamp of the previous landing page template for conditions and illnesses.
Utilizing ISABEL's API, the symptom checker provides quick interactions and comes complete with information on the condition and what to do regarding your symptoms.
Symptom Checker
A symptoms page with SEO-powered information on the symptom , along with a link to Everyday Health's Symptom Checker. 
SEO - Symptoms Page
Jump-off Template
Designed to help users see information on a condition or illness and provide users with "jump-off" links that provide more helpful information.
Management system that allows for devices to download lessons, resolve issues, connect with classes, and provide up-to-date notifications remotely.
Pearson Enterprise Management System
Login Sequence for K-12 Students
Provides easy to understand instructions and processes for students of all ages to create and login with their personal password.
Content Manager (Grades 2-12)
The Content Manager allows students to manage their lessons and content.
Lesson Browser (Grades 2-12)
Provides an overview of lessons and the units that make up each lesson.
A detailed userflow of the Poker Legend app for both iOS and Android.
Poker Legend: App Userflow
Poker Legend: Slot Machine
A mini-game within the poker table that allows users to pass the time while waiting for their next hand. 
A user-retention tool that offers users a "Free Daily Spin" that allows one to spin for prizes and multipliers.
Poker Legend: Prize Wheel
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