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  Condition Matrix  

Everyday Health Inc.
The main goal of the redesign was to create a one-stop destination for the Guide and the content related to the condition that allows users to curate their experience, whether they were recently diagnosed, or has lived with their condition for some time.
An introduction to the condition.
Articles, videos, blogs, tips,
and suggestions.
Introduction of a taxonomy to allow users to search within and follow topics.
Tap on topic
Guide Navigation
Tap Guide to see all.
Related Content/
Outbound links
Related Tags
  Content - Articles                                                                                            
Article Title
Article Body
Related Content/
Outbound links
Follow Topic
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related to tags
Tag Name
(Follow option)
Related tags
Content related
to the "Tag Name"
  User Retention                                                                                                  

User-testing showed that there was a high rate of dropoff after the user had reached the end of the article.


To keep our users within the pool of content, the following flow describes the transition from end of article back to where the user had first clicked on the article.

Within Content Feed:
Tap on article
Display article
End of article
fades as user scrolls.
User is brought back to content feed.
Previous article is faded to show "Read" status
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