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Everyday Health Inc.
To better reach our audience, we redesigned the Symptom template to display SEO-powered content along with the ability to use Everyday Health's Symptom Checker tool.
In this example, a user has found this Symptoms page through a Google search and is provided with information on their search as well as tools to better diagnose your condition.
  Desktop Version                                                                                             
Possible symptoms are displayed, allowing users to ADD symptoms to their list.
Users can then see their Possible Diagnoses which is tied into Everyday Health's Symptom Checker.
Hover over hotspots to show tooltips.
Tap on "View as List" to see all symptoms.
Users can quickly input their own symptoms and see their Possible Diagnoses via Everyday Health's Symptom Checker.
  Mobile Version                                                                                                
Symptom Checker Tie-in
Allow users to add
more symptoms.
Explanation of the condition
and how to treat it.
Links that are relevant
to the original symptom.
Explanation of original symptom.
Directions on using the
Symptom Checker.
Additional symptoms that may
appear with original symptom.
Users can 1-tap to add
their symptoms.
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