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Micro-moments are moments of delight that are injected into the Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. apps to surprise and encourage the user to explore more.
In order to ease the user's exploration of content, this micro-moment utilized a game engine within the content's stream to introduce a mini-game that leads to the full game.
To differentiate itself from a utilitarian app, this micro-moment's goal was to take a dead-end and turn it into an opportunity to surprise the user and stay true to Nickelodeon's goal of being fun.
The goal of this loader was to increase awareness of the wide variety of characters and shows that are available on the Nick app while still remaining quirky and ever-changing.
To alleviate the repetition of scrolling, this micro-moment was created to allow the user to interact with the app and affect their environment.
To fully utilize the device's gesture recognition function, this micro-moment allows the user to be a part of the Krabby Patty's food line by following the orders and making the shape on a patty with their finger.
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